Let’s call it what it really is.  We are really Lifestyle Managers. The benefits of using a concierge are many. From top notch services to unique products personally tailored to your satisfaction, concierges service all their clients as VIP’s and manage all your requests via your smartphone or computer with five star amenities to your home or office. Our goal is to help save you time and money by providing a one-stop solution. Why use a concierge?  You use a personal concierge to increase your productivity to simplify your life so you have a support system to do the things that are more important in your life.   Think about all those holiday gifts you have to buy shortly and maybe…just maybe…there is concierge in your future!

Are concierges just for the rich and famous?  Not really.  Concierges charge from an hourly rate, to per service call, to memberships.  There are a variety of pricing plans available to meet everyone’s needs.  Depending if someone is planning an amazing vacation or just wanting dinner arrangements, pricing is driven by a variety of factors. Simple dinner reservations, transportation, etc. generally result in an hourly fee.  Clé Concierge is a unique service because we are also a licensed Travel Consultant associated with Montrose Travel.  Planning vacations have a different price structure.  The travel industry is constantly changing and many Suppliers no longer provide commissions for Travel Advisors.  Clé Concierge Luxury Travel now charges a planning or advice fee called a “plan-to-go” fee for complex itineraries.  This is not for issuing tickets or simple hotel and car reservations, but for what the name implies. Our highly skilled professionals spend countless hours researching and individualizing unique and hard to find travel venues and experiences.  For tailor-made arrangements, the “plan-to-go” fee is a percentage of the total cost of the trip. A nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of the initial consultation which will be applied toward the final itinerary.

How do you find a concierge?  The best way to find a quality concierge, not all are created equal, is often by “word of mouth.”  However, because of the highly appreciated privacy aspect of using a concierge, many people who are frequent clients of a concierge may not divulge that secret.  There are associations and organizations that often list concierge in an area, but this is a less than a reliable source.  In fact, Clé Concierge previously belonged to several organizations, but found them incompatible with our company’s mission and objectives so we will not be listed with anyone; however, our reputation speaks for itself.  My suggestion is Google various words like:  Private Concierge, Personal Concierge, Concierge, Local Concierge, North Carolina Concierge, etc. to see who has a web presence.  It is critical to pay close attention to the details of their website as well as the quality of their website.  If you don’t like what you see in how they are presenting themselves to the general public, chances are they are more of an “errand” running service and not really experienced in the art of being a professional concierge.  In reality, you get what you pay for; therefore, be a wise and prudent shopper even when engaging in the search for a personal concierge.  Find a professional concierge who has multiple skills, talents, and resources to help with all your needs…not just some of them.  Find someone who has been in the business for years.  Find an organization where you will have a personal relationship with your concierge so you are speaking with the same person all the time so they get to know and understand your personal needs.  Also, pay close attention to their privacy statement.  We take great pains to ensure our clients privacy is maintained at all times.  Using some of the internet concierge services or Personal Assistant mobile sites, may create more intrusion than privacy.

With the global alliances we have built over the years, Clé Concierge can help you here in the US or abroad with our concierge and travel partners all over the world.  We are a service “without boarders.”  Our reach is internationally.  As one travel agent said, “we are with you “pillow to pillow”” regardless of where you are!